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"The Method in 5 months"

You learn how to get a text, how appropriate it past the 3 stages of preparation Método.FT®: Diagnosis, labor relations and lifting scenes.

The Método.FT® in three months provides an intense experience of self-knowledge leading the student to understand and seize the MétodoFT® .

Your best choice to become a Professional Actor in Brazil

The best training Course to became a Professional Actor in Brazil, under the gaze of FT® method .

"The Method in Modules"

The Modules of FT' Method are divided into four themes: Creation, Sensations, Emotions and Imagination. It's a great option to start in MétodoFT® .

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Mais forte que o mundo

June 14, 2016

"Brazilian cinema already paid tribute to his greatest singers, the football players and artists from various arts Now the director Afonso Poyart (2 rabbits) talks about a great Brazilian fighter on the big screen:. José Aldo."

Campo grande

June 14, 2016

Learn more about this beautiful movie where the actors were prepared by MétodoFT.

Juliano Cassaré talks about Neon Bull

April 13, 2016

Boi Neon was Laureate in Venice with the special jury prize for the director Gabriel Mascaro. In Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) the movie received a honorable mention and in Rio festival won four prizes: Best Feature Film, Screenplay, Cinematography and Supporting Actress. 

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Formation meeting



The actor Eucir de Souza is our guest for the formation meeting of the professional course DRT1 and DRT2 .

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