The MétodoFT® divided into four themes that compose the human being : Sensation , Imagination, Creativity and Emotion.


The modules can be done separately in intensive manner, and in three days of the week with a workload of 12 hours.


For actors it focuses on self-awareness and resourcefulness to lifting scenes.


Not to actors , the course works disinhibition and self-expression . At the end of each module the student will receive the coach feedback on their process and its main features .


For actors , performing arts students and not the greatest actors of 18 years.



In this module , the actor will be guided by the sense ( touch, hear and feel ) and the sense of reality . It is the director actor. How to activate your inner energy to carry out concrete actions .

Curso de interpretação


11, 13 e 15 July

From 19:30 to 22:30


The creative, live actor with a strong intuition , adventurous spirit , impetuous , which launches with the desire to be noticed . The desire , the will, change, transformation , the power of faith ( divine energy ) . The power of the will. All the exercises in this module will be made in duality, in contradiction of feelings and relationships. The movements contrary to the essence of the actor's work .


The actor sensitive , emotional , perceptual , that connects to the internal flow of his feelings . Learning how to manage this internal flow , namely surface and contain . Interpret life through the emotions that nourish our dreams and ideals in life.


The actor who makes the connection between emotion and consciousness , intuition and reason, thinking and not lose the connection to the sensory . The imaginary movement of the actor. The communicator actor who communicates by his presence and awareness that is through breathing. The Bioenergetics exercises in this module are made with a focus on the breath, because it is through it that will enable the sensations .