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The STUDIO FATIMA TOLEDO was opened in 1990 in order to enable access to Método.FT®, not only for the actors that experienced in a project that counted with Fatima' s talents but to anyone who wants to live this extraordinary and unique experience.

The studio have three rooms with movie titles: "PIXOTE", "LOWER CITY" and "CITY OF GOD". In addition, we have an audiovisual area which is responsible for producing and editing fragments, scenes and short films made ​​within the institution. These films, when finalized, serve as a working conclusion of the courses that constantly come into national and international film festivals. The goal is to prepare and insert the Studio students into the industry.

Studio Fátima Toledo
Studio Fátima Toledo
Studio Fátima Toledo
Studio Fátima Toledo
Studio Fátima Toledo
Studio Fátima Toledo


Born in Alagoas state, Brazil, Fátima Toledo is the first and most reputable actor's coach in Brazil. Icon in the film industry and creator of a unique method of interpretation, known as Método.FT®, used in the film industry for over 30 years.


Fátima Toledo owns a studio in São Paulo where anyone can experience her method. The only place in the world where their method is available to all who wish to know and live this wonderful work, watershed in Brazilian and world cinema. In 2014, Fátima had her history and method, documented in the book "Fátima Toledo: Interpret life, live cinema", written by Mauricio Cardoso and released by Liberars publisher.

Fátima Toledo has a degree in visual arts from the Paulista college. Through experiences in his 30 years of study, she managed to develop her own method of self-knowledge adapting "Bionergetics" personal experiences and relationships. During all these years, the films she prepared have won more than 200 awards in major national and international film festivals.


" All that we need to find to live a fictitious situation with truth It is within the actor himself." FT

"Maybe he was born of the inability to live my life fully, perhaps he was born because I was behind a place where I couldn't be free; and what he proposes is that." FT 

"Where you want you can take the truth, but you can only take the truth through you." FT

" Here I'll scream what hurts me, here I find out where my smile is." FT


All preparers of MétodoFT® went through a rigorous selection process, interships and training before being able to take on this great responsibility.

Fatima Toledo monitors and performs constant updates with the Method trainers so that they can assist and lead in the best possible way each of you in your walks in the method, in their moments of life. 


We are a team who love art. We will always be ready to serve everyone with respect, love and affection. Count on us for whatever you need!

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