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The method created by Fatima Toledo is a living organism constantly changing. It reveals the needs, difficulties, powers and the peculiarities of each actor in diferent projects searching for the truth on the scene.

Método Fátima Toledo

Walking in the opposite direction to the interpretation techniques that are structured in "building the character", the method says "I am" and i will live truly this fictitious situation, working your subtext.


It is not a method of action but a method of life exercices on scenes. Fatima defines the main line of her work: "Truth / Lie", "Figure/Background" and "Shadow/Light" are the beauty of duality and complexity of the human being.


After all learn to be stronger it is as important as learning to weaken. What your eyes want to say? What your heart wants let out? No deviations or subterfuge.


Because of the difficulties in life such as fears, anxieties, challenges, stress, overeating, guilt, self-criticism, insecurity, shyness, complexes, etc often prevents us to be who we are and leave us not so free to live.



The Método.FT proposes the humanization of the actor. It works in their internal references. These references are all you live, see, read, watch and feel in life, your testimony as a human being, as an artist, your record of our time. For example, the reference you have what is sadness, what is love, what is joy, what family is, abandonment, loneliness, goodbyes, encounters, sensations. It offers the artists to be in complete union with what they have to do and the ability to move freely and belonging to different themes and "universes" of their future projects.


Opening and Emotional Courage;

Deepen your references;

Self knowledge;

Presence self expression and confidence;


Brighter eyes;

Muscle tone;

Approach to the development a objective deeper comprehension of the scenes and projects 

(cinema, theater, soap operas, series, auditions, etc.)


The Método.FT proposes the humanization of Being, regardless of training, practice or working area . Through exercises that reveal difficulties or obstacles of the individual and reveal all the potential. "No actors " increases their perception of "How my life is", "How Am I" and "What do i want or need to change". This self-knowledge strengthens the individuals to continue their next steps closer to themselves.


Better perception of self and others;

Develop Self-expression;


Presence and confidence;


Brighter eyes;


Muscle tone;

Resourcefulness in everyday situations;





Bioenergetics is a body technique developed by psychoanalyst Alexander Lowen, from Wilhelm Reich studies. In fact, it is an essential therapeutic function for the modern man , because through the body reconnect the individual with his emotions. Reich found that repressed emotions creating tension in the body muscles, which requires a huge amount of energy from our own vital system. Gradually these tensions blocking essential emotional functions such as love, power, sexuality, joy, pleasure and relaxation.



In Biophysics, Bioenergetics be the quantitative study of energy transduction that occurs in living cells and also the nature and function of the chemical processes underlying these transductions. Bioenergetics is related to catabolic processes.



Therefore, we can say that there is a relationship between the terms of the same name present in the two sciences, psychology and biology. The body as a whole, while practicing therapy, we observed that the practitioner performs an exercise of body awareness, using features such as breathing in rhythmic union movements of the body. As in biology, we find the term "bioenergetics", linked to catalyzing the process of body cells and production of ATP (energy). We understand that when the practitioner body therapy works such relaxation exercises and breathing in the body, sending stimuli conscious to the cells, so there is reduction in energy expenditure, an increase of energy for metabolism, thus creating the possibility of higher energy expenditure in other activities. For example, when someone is running and suddenly, it takes a while for the body metabolism, respiration and heart rate, reduce the speed to the functioning of the standing body. If there is a conscious incentive, how to calm the respiratory activity, thus reducing the heart rate and metabolism as a whole body cells save energy expenditure, but do not stop the production of ATP (Adenosine TriPhosfato).

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